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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cash Crate!

Like I said in my previous post, I've never been one to trust any sort of Get Rich Quick/Get Paid To Click websites. But I must admit, my experience over the past few days with Cash Crate has been easy and fairly relaxing...well, as relaxing as staring into the depths of the internet can actually be.

With other "survey style" websites, you'll spend countless hours filling in NO bullet after NO bullet only to find that at the end you are required to complete as many as 10 trial offers in order to gain credit for anything. In the end, you're lucky if you break even.

So far, I've spent about 30 minutes a day for the past three days with Cash Crate doing about 10-15 offers per day and have already been credited with $24.05. If you figure that into an hourly rate, that's just over $16 an hour. Most of their free offers range in the $0.40 to $1.50 range, while some of the more in-depth offers can pay out as much as $45 (a Vonage trial). The majority of the offers do not require a credit card, but a few of the pricier ones do. However, if you put your mind to it, you can easily finish a number of the free offers in a row and rack up quite a bit of change right away.

Apparently the real money from Cash Crate comes from their amazing referral service. Since I've only been on a short time, I haven't had the opportunity to take advantage of any referrals (HINT, HINT!), but check this out: Right off the bat, for every person that you refer (First Level), you receive a 20% commission of their earnings plus a $3 bonus as soon as they earn their first $10. In turn, for every person THEY end up referring (Second Level), you will end up receiving a 10% commission of their earnings as well.

And the more people you refer, the better your commissions are. Check this out:

  • Bronze: 0 Referrals (20% First Level, 10% Second Level)
  • Silver: 50 Referrals (25% First Level, 10% Second Level)
  • Gold: 150 Referrals (25% First Level, 15% Second Level)
  • Platinum: 300 Referrals (30% First Level, 15% Second Level)
  • Elite: 500+ Referrals (30% First Level, 20% Second Level)

  • One of the main complaints I've heard from people who have tried their luck at other GPT websites is that even when they complete their offers, they never end up receiving credit or a payout for them. There are a number of ways you can better arm yourself for the battle of confirming your offers:

  • Use one e-mail address to sign up for Cash Crate and a separate address for any offers you sign up for. It's also a good idea to create a few extra addresses (actually, ten wouldn't hurt) and cycle through them as many of the offers are repeats and you generally won't be able to receive a payout more than once on the same address. Also, keep up with your inbox and bulk mail on any address you use for offers as many of them require an e-mail confirmation to receive credit.

  • Make sure you clear your web browser's cookies between every offer you fill out and submit. This is especially important as companies use cookies to keep track of you. You have a better chance of confirming more offers with a clean slate between each offer.

  • Many offers require entering a personal phone number. Use a service like Private Phone to create an alternate phone number and use it to fill out offers. Make sure that this number is also listed on your Cash Crate profile.

  • Keep up with the Cash Crate Forums. You can learn a lot of valuable information from other users who are attempting to do the same thing you are: EARN MONEY!

    All in all, Cash Crate is a lot easier to use than it seems. It's by far the most user friendly and rewarding GPT website around right now and the best part is that almost anyone that browses the internet can join.

    Since one of the goals of this blog is to earn money to support myself on tour, I'll regularly post my earnings. You can help me out by clicking any of the Cash Crate links in this post and signing up! Thanks!

    Thanks again to Amy at My Debt Free Goal for the inspiration and information!

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  • Welcome to The Reality Pill.

    Hello everyone and welcome to the inaugural posting of The Reality Pill.

    Before everything starts up somewhat officially, I guess I should explain what I'm trying to do here. There are a couple major reasons why I decided to start this blog:

    Reason #1:

    I'm a college dropout that majored in English composition and journalism before deciding that life would be more suitable spent doing anything that didn't involve eating dorm cafeteria chili dogs and falling asleep in lecture halls for $5000 a quarter. Instead, I chose to abandon traditional life and head out on the road to play music with my friends in a couple of different bands. Somehow through all of this, I feel that writing down my opinions about music and the music lifestyle while attempting to spread the word about newer (as well as older) artists would benefit more than just myself. Thus, The Reality Pill.

    Reason #2:

    Honestly, to make some money. Having been inspired by the authors of blogs such as My Debt Free Goal and $6K Per Month, I signed up for my first "Get Paid To" website at Cash Crate. I've been pretty skeptical of these types of sites for the longest time, but decided to take a chance and shockingly, it's worked very well so far. I'd like to keep this blog about music as much as possible, but don't be surprised to see the occasional self-promotional post regarding the latest ways to make money on the internet and how all of you can get involved. I'd apologize, but it's tough out there on the road to keep up with the bills and steady jobs are few and far between when you need so much time away from home.

    That's it for now. Expect a couple of posts later tonight to kick things off. Until then...

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